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It's a great read. Though you can only relate to it when bombs are like a once in a lifetime thing.

Living in Peshawar, where bomb blasts are a regular occurrence, you slowly get immune to it. To such an extent that even the media doesn't care (we just had a blast only 2 miles away from my home killing 16 today).

You get to a stage that you just start living in fear. Worrying about your family whenever they go out.

Violence in Pakistan has now become like poverty in Africa.

It doesn't make for a surprising headline. It's almost an expectation of how we expect Pakistan to be.

...And of course /persons from 1st world countries/white people/ aren't dieing. So it won't make the headlines of news sites.

yea I am not complaining. Regular stuff doesn't sell on media.

I am just pointing out at first a bomb blast is likely an eye opener: life is short lets do something before I die. But when it happens every week, it goes to the stage where you start thinking you just don't have enough time to do anything.

And the worst (or best?) thing is that we are not living in a war-zone. We actually go to our jobs everyday, attend weddings, go eat in restaurants. I am product lead of a startup here.

It's like living a dual-life.

Just curious: What keeps you there? I mean this as your reasoning, not a general "why people stay where they're born" question. What pops in your head when you think of moving?


I have been travelling for 12 years and I really want to spend time with them now. Both are above 60 and this is the ideal time to be with them.

You might ask why they don't just move. That's because the bulk of their life is spent here. There social circle is all based here. It keeps them busy at this age. They visit my siblings in US every year but after a few weeks they get bored. We don't push them because at the end of the day we think it's criminal to move your parents to a totally new place in their age to start a new life all over again. They've worked really hard all their lives, it's time for them to enjoy.

"I have been travelling for 12 years and I really want to spend time with them now. Both are above 60 and this is the ideal time to be with them."

Wow, reading all your comments really puts things into perspective. How you are able to, in some way, possibly risk your own safety just to be with your parents and other immediate members of your family, truly speaks in great lengths about who you are and your character as a whole.

Keep doing your thing. The world needs more people like you.

Wow. Just wow. Amazing.

Today morning I read about this bomb blast killing wedding guests and families in Afghanistan [1]. Unfortunately, it was carried out by one of us. I ignored the news, in some sort of natural filter, to avoid registering negatives of the world. There are just so many of them.

Now after read Daniel's experience, and your comment about Peshawar Neebz, I feel what a terrible place and time I have been born in. Why does all this have to happen? Who is terrorist for whom? And why do innocents have to die or face these experiences at all? For which perhaps only the political leaders are responsible.

[1] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-125820/US-bomb-kills...

> I feel what a terrible place and time I have been born in.

I wouldn't advise the XIII century. Or most of the XX. Or the 5th BC. Or ...

As a matter of fact, you probably just have "better" news of the world, not objectively worse conditions. There was a post about that recently ...

"The Better Angels of our Nature" by Steven Pinker shows that this is the least violent time in history.


yup I think Steven Pinker has been writing about this lately, the past couple years or so. maybe longer.

Why do you single out the XIII century? In Western/Southern Europe and much of Asia, it was in many respects a golden age. The XIV century was worse, most notably due to the plague.

Pretty random, first thing that occurred to me. You probably did not want to be in this guy's path: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genghis_Khan

(I may have been echoing an old SF story where a XXX century displaced person was telling a friend about his punishment for trying a ruthless power grab, which was being dumped in Warsaw in September 1939. However, he had bounced back, remaking a good life. But the "friend" was an agent who then proceeded to continue the punishment by dumping him in Baghdad before Genghis hit it ...).

Anyways, pick a century, any century ...

The Mongols are exactly why I didn't mention the space between Asia and Western Europe. To tie in the Crusades comment below, I also didn't mention Northern Africa or the Middle East. Anyway, once again it seems I've read too much into a random number, similarly to when I jumped all over someone on Reddit for saying nothing happened in 1789!

Not the GP, but maybe this?


C13 is 1200-1299

Not to minimize that tragic bombing you read about this morning, but it took place back in 2002. Your wording gave me the impression it happened recently.

Hmmm, did notice that. Tragedy nonetheless, but right now what's more tragic is that my friends are sharing this old piece of news up on their walls. :-)

Unfortunately, there have always been these kind of things happening in the world. The only thing that has changed is now we have the ability to share all of this in real time and the constant stream of news we are bombarded with.

It also doesn't help that a story like the one you posted above, is more "click-worthy" than a story about how someone from the same Boston Bomb blast helped saved people, made tourniquets out of their shorts and shirt, and put their own safety in jeopardy just to help others. I would like to read a story like that; a story that celebrates humans helping other humans in times of tragedy.

Unless it is some chain "status" on Facebook put on by some poster just scraping for likes, only to promote some shitty whatever on their facebook account, feel good stories just aren't as widely circulated as stories that scare people. It sucks.

Why is this a terrible time compared to others? While the third world is still not a good life compared to our past it could be a lot worse. While famines are still a problem they are not nearly as prevalent as in the past. Although people living in the third world don’t get good medical care it’s still better than what most people had available 1500 years ago. All we’ve done is exchange one set of problems for another, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that when looking at history this is a more terrible time than any other.

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