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Stack Exchange is winning the Internet and this is not a good thing (tosbourn.com)
15 points by tosbourn on April 16, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

So is there no string.concat or whatever in Go? It seems like the answer would be appropriate for some number of strings not known until runtime, but for two strings specifically it must be overkill.

Is there specifically some standard library thing that Google should be pointing to? Leaving this question unanswered really obfuscates the point of the post. (Unless you already know Go, I guess...)

It's kind of a weird article. The title blames SO, the text exonerates them, blames Google, backs off of that, all without ever explicitly stating what the "problem" is. Problem in quotes because I'm not convinced that "I run a search and get a link to a perfect answer delivered to me in 0.31 seconds" is bad.

The bold part of the article was the crux of it;

>> "This extremely efficient mechanism for finding out the exact answer to your question is creating a generation of very efficient, but perhaps not entirely well rounded developers who can churn out code very quickly but perhaps don’t understand the code as well as they should."

If the person searching Google wanted a tutorial on Go, they should provide a search string with the word "tutorial" in it. If they just wanted an answer to the question of how to concatenate strings, they'd provide the query shown in this post, and get the answers they were looking for.

The post has been updated with Jeff Atwood's opinion, essentially saying it is an old debate and suggestions that good programmers will seek to know more.

It has now been updated with Joel's comment :-)

I feel the need to point out that on an unbiased search engine (DDG), SO was the first hit but not any of the subsequent hits. However, all of the hits were various developer-oriented forums.

I would suggest that, if we must have developer-oriented forums, the SO model is great, but it should not be the way that we teach programmers to look for knowledge. You should SO in anger because something has stumped you all day, not because you're just starting out with a language and don't know what you're doing.

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