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It probably feels weird saying something like, "I crave reading first-hand accounts of near-death experiences." It indirectly implies that you derive pleasure from people being in these situations.

I agree that if someone went to the trouble of writing and sharing their experiences, being touched/affected by it is a complement to the person.

For what it's worth, it doesn't make me feel bad at all that someone likes to read this. Obviously, I wouldn't have written and posted it if I didn't want to share it, and I wouldn't share it with some perverse intention to have people feel guilty for reading it.

I think there's a pretty thick line to be drawn between being fascinated by accounts like this one, shared willingly, and being obsessed by reading or viewing accounts extracted from people by the media, sometimes against their will or understanding... One is voyeurism, the other is just learning about someone's experience from them...

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