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But doesn't it make you feel safe?

Police generally do not make me feel safe because i never know when i'm going to break some silly law i may or may not know about or observe (ala jaywalking, biking without a helmet) and get cited/jailed for it, or even worse deal with some cop getting his power trip on who takes it to far.

I guess as a white guy with short hair, I just assume the cops are there for me.

I'm a white girl, and while i get surprising amount of leeway with the police i'm under no delusions of the power advantage cops have over everyone else.

drinking in the park (its illegal here) or speeding, Friends with the cop or she likes you? no problem. Cop doesn't like you? ticket or drunk tank or worse.

They are there for you, if your friends with them or they like you.

Yeah, definitely. Tucker Max had a good piece on how to deal with cops: http://tuckermax.me/how-to-deal-with-cops-2/

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