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MRI's Method Caches (jamesgolick.com)
121 points by jamesgolick on April 15, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

Someone actually does interesting computer science in the field of ruby and it's crickets around here. Huh.

It's a well-written post and impressive coding, but what else do you want people to say? "Look at those caches caching?"

MRI - Not the magnetic one.


Thanks :-P I got excited for a moment that someone on HN was doing something in my former field... nope, just another web thing.

Is it just me or is that a bit of an odd name? For me when I see MRI I think Magnetic Resonance Imagining, but is that just because of my field?

> Is it just me or is that a bit of an odd name?

It's because there are a ton of Ruby implementations. MRI is the name for the official one that Matz works on.

If he said "Ruby's method caches," he would be wrong, this is about details of MRI specifically, and not, say, JRuby or Rubinius.

Given how much hackers love TLAs, and that there are what, 2600 of them, it's inevitable that there will be some amount of namespace clash. Ruby people reading a Ruby blog post aren't going to be confused about it, and while others may have momentary confusion, a few seconds later it's pretty clear what's being discussed.

Terms of Art are hard.

"just another web thing" really isn't accurate when talking about the Ruby interpreter.

You're right, of course. Another comment fallen victim to the Ruby==Rails laziness fallacy :-)

Nope. It's probably not the smartest thing to call your tech. Those who know what it is will know, everyone else will think MRI (magnetic).

I think a good guideline for choosing an acronym is how many hits it already has on google. MRI: 73,800,000

Yeah, and while we're at it god forbid someone name a language after a colloquialism for a popular brewed and caffeinated drink. Or the island the beans for said drink sometimes come from. Or a snake that sometimes lives on that island...

If I told my parents I worked in Ruby all day they'd think I started a career in precious gem mining, who cares? "Those who know what it is will know..." are exactly 100% of the people that care about Matz's Ruby Interpreter and therefore this article.

Ruby isn't an acronym. Neither is Java. JVM is though, and the entire first page on google for JVM is about the java virtual machine. Had they called it MRI for java viRtual MachIne, it would still not be all over the front page.

There are 17,576 possible 3 letter acronyms. I would argue that its awefully hard to find one that isn't overloaded. Worse even when your acronym is comunityn generated. "Matz' Ruby Interpreter" likely wasn't named by matz himself.

MRI is more of a nickname. The software is actually called "Ruby", but thats confising nowadays.

Lol, because of your "field"

Heh, for once I actually didn't intend the pun ;-)

> ... At this point, it started seeming somewhat impractical to go and patch rails and all these other gems that I use, so I decided to investigate the amount of effort that would be required to actually solve the problem in MRI. ...

I admire James. Wading into the interpreter takes balls.

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