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Sun Microsystems still representing at UCSD:


That's one of my racks!

I've always wondered who controlled that camera.

That rack was used for the development of the Rocks Cluster system back in its heyday. Rocks creator, Phil Papadopoulos, is the brother of former Sun CTO Greg Papadopoulos.

EDIT: Someone panned the camera to the other side of the room. Pardon the cable spaghetti - that rack is temporary.

Gosh I remember walking around my college campus one day and coming across some random computer cluster in the CS building, hopped onto one of the machines (that said "Sun Microsystems" embossed somewhere one it), proceeding to be utterly confused by the KDE applications and interface. (I was purely a Win user back then)

I'm now typing this post from an Ubuntu box that I built last week. I guess I've progressed a little bit ;)

s/KDE/CDE/ ?

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