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One person has an exposed webcam in what appears to be their bedroom! http://cryptogasm.com/webcams/index.php?q=city%3A%22San+Fran...

They're not the only ones: http://cryptogasm.com/webcams/webcam.php?id=4697 And their living room where they're currently watching TV: http://cryptogasm.com/webcams/webcam.php?id=4692

Damn, this is creepy.

Assuming this guy wasn't naked when you posted this ... but he is now.

This floated around on the interwebs a while ago - part of a vulnerability study that was posted to the blog detailing the approach for generating the set of camera feeds: http://cryptogasm.com/2012/02/list-of-vulnerable-trendnet-we...

Guy seems to be naked on the bed watching TV now.

Thankfully the camera's very pixelated.

It's creepier than you think, currently the first feed you gave they are in bed and the guy is playing on what look like a Nintendo 3DS and he is naked...

The bedroom one is labeled "Sleep Camera" in dutch...

I wonder if it's on purpose?

Kamer means room. The slaapkamer then is the bedroom. The other one ("Woonkamer") is the living room.

Ah of course, I thought it was truncated. Using my German to translate Dutch, not always successful :) Love the similarities, "Kammer" means "compartment" or "small room" in German.

Yeah, have a look throughs omething like shodanhq.com to find webcams that are exposed. So freaking creepy.

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