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Who's this guy _why? (also known as why the lucky stiff):




The site http://whytheluckystiff.net is being hosted on GitHub under this account:



The git repo for the site has seen activity today, and has sparked conversation:



The site is serving up files in PCL:



Here are the contents of these files converted from PCL into images:






Any idea on what the erased bit on DESOLEE is after the end? Looks very clearly like something was written there, but I can't make it out.. something about 'three' or maybe 'there'.

See https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5017921 - still not sure, but might help you out

It looks like "three re.... paper jam those ...ogh ....." to me.

I wrote a little blog post in tribute to why, "Nobody Knows Why": http://www.sfcgeorge.co.uk/posts/2013/04/19/nobody-knows-why

The post also links to an updated PDF compendium of all _why's recent documents. All rotated and in the correct order (maybe). Bursting with _whyness.

How did you find out which github account hosted the site?

I found it by searching for "DESOLEE"

GitHub's search or Google's search? I was only able to find it using Google and "site:github.com DESOLEE"

github's. You have to click to search code on the left, but then it is the first result. https://github.com/search?q=desolee&ref=cmdform&type...

If I had to find the repo, I'd use code search. It's pretty handy.

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