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I've had April 18th in my calendar for weeks after the initial activity at whytheluckystiff.net. Forget the haters, Ruby's better with _why around.

Who are "the haters?"

Mostly people who were understandably pissed off that along with wiping out his blogs, twitter, etc., he took down his github and abandoned his projects without helping to oversee a transition of stewardship. This included a few high-profile rubyists.

And then presumably also some people who always thought his whimsy was a detriment to the ruby community (by making it seem less professional or something).

(Not my opinions, just information)

Are there a substantial number of "haters" who have stated that Ruby is better with _why gone? It seems like a straw man.

It's not a large number of people, but rather some who hold a lot of influence and sway who've attacked _why.

Which people are those?

It doesn't matter. Less attention they get the better.

Like who? Any links?

I'd probably include the people who were trying to figure out his real life identity.

Your standard contrarians, I guess.

Yeah, because the scene totally needs more drama to distract us from the latest Bitcoin / Mtgox debacle...

You're probably thinking of Zed Shaw. _why just added flavor and whimsy to the community.

And, like Zed, considerable engineering prowess. Not like that matters or anything.

There's a difference between talented programming and good engineering, and _why is almost a perfect example of that. Engineering is more about discipline and maintainability than cleverness and artistic expression.

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