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Ventations.com, or, Please use the site I made this weekend (ventations.com)
18 points by joe on Sept 16, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

I and a friend (it was his idea) put together this site over the weekend, on a lark. It's admittedly purposeless, but we're hoping that people don't find it completely useless.

this is almost exactly like my site nobodynotes.com , which somehow has become popular only in Iran, and now I can't read anything anyone writes.

That is the funniest thing I've read all day. Brilliant.

i hope you had fun making it :)

So that is how the terrorists communicate? ;-)

Iranians are not terrorists.

Well any sentence of the form "people from country xyz are so and so" is quite stupid, I am sorry. I never said Iranians are terrorists. But there are probably terrorists in every country. A few weeks ago some terrorists were caught in Germany, I think at least some of them were Germans, too. But that doesn't mean that "Germans are terrorists". Irakians are not terrorists, either.


You folks need to get your biting political commentary detector fixed. I'm obviously tossing pearls before swine here...

I've seen worse for sure. At least its not trying to be something bigger than it really is. Have fun with it.

UPDATES: Bigger fonts (Caleb mentioned that earlier), Twitter updates (http://twitter.com/ventations), and you can now vent via SMS by texting "VENT your_message_here" to 41411.

And we like our color scheme. :)

Replace frustrations with confessions and you get http://grouphug.us/ -- but, none the less, cool idea.

Or socialmoth.

Interesting. Reminds me of something I set up a while ago: http://imlonely.org/


Man that green/puke color absolutely hurts the eyes, and I don't need to tell you that anonymously either =)

The site has gotten a "facelift" for those of you who hated the previous color scheme

Widgetize it.


Because that's what people do. Get with the program.

I think you should make it a Facebook app.

+1 point for incisive social commentary.

This site remind me of the Bored@(insert name of college library here) sites, which people have managed to find good (and even non-lascivious) uses for. Best of luck with it.


make the message font bigger.

not a bad idea.

fonts have been enlarged.

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