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Yeah, do you know how awful a t1.micro is? It's a joke. I've never seen steal% that high before. There must be thousands on a single machine.

Although if you want to be pedantic, let's say "actually useful, potentially-production barrier to entry". There. Fixed.

A friend of mine is running an ASP.NET MVC/Mono/MongoDB ecommerce site on micro with around a quarter million of annual sales. The site is very very fast.

If he hasn't already, get him to do a write-up on that. I'd sure be interested, and I'm sure many others would be as well.

The high steal% is intentional, as the CPU is allowed to burst to take advantage of unused resources:


I don't find my cheap t1.micro based IRC bouncer / VPN / reverse SSH endpoint / static-content generation box to be an awful joke at all. They're quite useful for many things.

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