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I'm running my micro-VPS on TransIP which offers 1GB mem, 50GB HD, 1TB traffic for €10/month.

It's not the same as $10 a month but it's less than $20 and their support is excellent (5+ year customer, but more for their excellent DNS management console.)

Didn't know TransIP, thanks for the tip!

Your package is only € 5/month now - for €10 you get 4GB/150GB/5TB which is only the quarter of the price of an almost equal (no SSD, but more HD and traffic) DO instance.


Almost unbelievable.

That reduced price is for the first month only I'm afraid...

Still a great deal though :)

Unfortunately its all in Dutch, otherwise I would buy one on the spot.

/e Apparently google sent me to the dutch one by default! Thanks google!

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