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Does anyone have a suggestion/option for those of us with bigger disk space needs? I love Linode and have been running a privately-hosted email server on there for a while (yes, yes, I know, I know, Gmail, Gmail. I like running my own server.). But my resource constraint these days is disk - not memory or CPUs. Feels silly for me to get bigger a bigger instances just for the disk space.

A while back I spoke to the Linode guys (I think it was at SXSW 2011) and they said they were going to be releasing an EBS-like product "soon". But I guess not that soon.

Perhaps I'm just not a good fit for Linode in this case? Any thoughts?

Dedicated servers, even the cheap ones, tend to offer a ton a disk space. In Europe, Ovh and Hetzner have entry-level offers with 2 or 3 TB at 50€, you might find something in the same prices geographically closer to you.

Other than that, there are probably VPS providers who let you upgrade disk space independantly from RAM (I'm using Europe based providers, so I probably can't give you relevant names, unfortunately).

OVH has their offering in North America as well (located in Canada). $40 a month for a Core i3 3.4 Ghz, 8 GB of RAM, 2 x 1 TB drives.

And it has been fantastic when it comes to speed and whatnot.

Budget VM has really good plans if you need disk space. A warning though, the support sucks. I used the 2GB plan for while, it has okay performance but for $10 bucks it was perfect for the analysis I had to do.


This is my only complaint about Linode. We run our one stack that requires a lot of storage on EC2 and use EBS (and we might consider moving to just leasing real hardware in the future, since that is more straightforward & cheaper than EC2+EBS).

You should check out www.tilaa.com, there you can individually increase disk space (as well as cpu and ram). I'm running two servers there and they've been solid.

Update: The traffic is a bit expensive though.

Unfortunately there aren't many VPS providers that offer decent storage space. Go dedicated. I found a deal on a quad core Xeon, 24GB RAM, and 500GB disk for $50/m.

I use Transip.eu. You can buy the cheap plan and upgrade only disk space afterwards. I'm on my phone, so can't check the exact prices now though.

I can't comment on their VPS / disk space offering, but I've been a customer of TransIP for well over 5 years now and their support is stellar.

Disclaimer: They're Dutch and so am I, so you should factor national pride into this endorsement to some degree.

When you were talking to them, did they mention any possibility of just plain up adding extra disk space and paying X extra dollars per month?

They already offer this. Sadly though, it's really expensive: +12GB - $144 a year

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