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But their network is horrible. I moved my irc client/mumble server to DO when they were first announced on HN, and the intermittent lag made it impossible to even chat (mtr confirming multiple times that the issue was on DO's end). If I can't even irc from their servers it doesn't matter what price they charge.

Their network is unreliable in my experience as well.

IRC's the main thing I use my Digital Ocean VPS for - and it's been great.

Hmm, so far I haven't experienced anything like this. /me crosses fingers.

How long ago was this?

I think all in all I spent almost a month on DO, and I believe I left under 2 weeks ago. I have a friend that's still on DO (he likes the low price and needs the RAM to compile rust) and in his experience the network issues are still around but not as bad. Either they've improved things or droves of people like me tried it for a month and ditched.

We've been running many nodes (in the Dallas DC) in production on linode for years and have only seen one significant network issue like you described that we "fixed" by rebuilding the node before Linode support was able to narrow down the cause, so in our experience this isn't widespread.

I think he was referring to DigitalOcean, not Linode.

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