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Well, Arch is not that good for a server because of this reason. I love it as a developer for a desktop system, but for server I'd definitely use Debian.

How is this Arch's fault? The user did the same thing he/she normally does on Linode. This is a case where the Linode ops really understand Arch and everything just works (the 'linux' package isn't installed on the image) but the provide the latest kernels. On DO I also originally ran into this issue but support never gave a clear reason as to why, from digging around it appears to be with the 8139cp/too kernel modules (they don't load). It seems like some kind of version issue but I haven't had the time to play around with this more.

This was not Arch's fault.

This was DigitalOcean's fault, for not supporting changed kernels without providing safeguards against kernel updates.

It was a development box/env. Anyway it was not a problem with Arch. Same set of updates on Linode worked absolutely fine.

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