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ShowHN: Hacky 2 – Hacker News for Mac with Favorites, iCloud, comments etc. (hackyapp.com)
34 points by eliaskg on Apr 9, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Hi, app developer here. First of all thanks to everybody who bought Hacky! After Hacky was released it immediately entered several top lists in the Mac App Store. Huge thanks also to all the people forking and following it on GitHub (made Hacky trending there also). Based on your feedback and pull requests I created Hacky 2 which has some huge improvements:

1. Favorites with iCloud support

Being a HN reader myself I often find myself in the situation where I know there was a pretty interesting story some time ago but not having any idea how to find it. For this reason I built Favorites into Hacky that lets you save stories and sync them with iCloud so you never have to worry about losing them.


To be honest, the comments are one of the most entertaining things on Hacker News, so why should I NOT want them in Hacky? ;)

3. Categories

For the people who already read all top stories, now you can also read /newest and /ask.

Relevant Links:

Hacky in the Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/hacky/id584949645?l=en&m...

Hacky on GitHub: https://github.com/eliaskg/Hacky

Official Hacky Website: http://www.hackyapp.com

Found a bug? https://github.com/eliaskg/Hacky/issues?state=open

Original HN story: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5170182

Here are some Promo Codes for Hacky in the Mac App Store:


All the codes have been redeemed.

I've got a really strange problem with Hacky, I haven't seen something like this before in Mac OS development.

When dragging the window, it 'jitters' a lot. I have run it a few times and it happens each time, and no other windows currently open are having this issue which leads me to the conclusion it's a bug in Hacky. This is using the current master from GitHub.

Sorry to be "that guy", but there's a typo in your subheading: "Never ever loose your favorite Hacker News stories"

Great job! I love that strategy, you could either pay for it or if you know how - fork it on Github.

Looks interesting and I will check it out later. Just an FYI, if you up vote a story on HN it is saved on your user page under saved stories.

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