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+1 for the System Shock reference :)


Gah, still get creeped out watching the System Shock 2 intro.


Let's hope this Shodan isn't as intelligent and psycho as System Shock 2 Shodan! Oh, and no zombies.

"Lo- lo- lo- look at you hacker.."

I've beaten this game at least 4 times, including co-op a couple times. Such a great piece of gaming history.

Man, I found that game to be _very_ bad for my nerves in the 90s.

Me too. Scary game. Nothing else has come near to it.

As a tribute, my workstation and laptop are names xerxes and shodan.

Same here. Windows PC is Xerxes, after the AI that gets completely overtaken, and linux server is shodan, the AI that thinks it's smarter than it really is. Linux laptop is polito, the human identity that Shodan assumes for a while (ie 'little shodan')... and the wifi network that carries everything is the 'vonbraun'... :)

Have you played Amnesia: The Dark Descent?

Disappointing, though, that the CNN writer didn't manage to suss out the project's apt namesake.

Gog.com recently released it for new systems: http://www.gog.com/gamecard/system_shock_2

Apparently it works well under wine, too.

It sort-of worked under wine for some graphics cards.

If you can get it to run, you should check out the Thief games as well. They use the same engine.

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