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You know what? Fuck that.

Nothing against this guy. If it were $1 million, or $3 million, I probably wouldn't bat an eye.

A hundred million for a non-technical executive would be OK, if engineers had basic autonomy and open allocation. Then (and only then) they'd actually be able to afford (morally speaking) a $100M payout to a non-technical executive.

Don't call yourself a technical company if engineers in the $100k-200k range can't even fucking change projects until 18 months in (and often not even then, due to a corrupt performance review system) but you're running a private welfare system for non-tech executives.

I know all about Hanlon's Razor ("never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence") but somewhere around the 5-standard-deviation incompetence level I go back to malice because 5-sigma is just awful rare. Paying a non-tech executive $100M while engineers making < 1% of that struggle to get a decent project is 8, 9 sigma at the least.

Choke on a fucking taint, Google. Choke. On. A. Taint.

(Or just implement basic autonomy/open allocation for all engineers. Then we're cool no matter what you pay your execs.)

What kind of trade secrets this guy could possess that made GOOG feel so threatened to make this offer, since nobody is indispensable, right? Care to shed some lights on this?

I know GOOG has been dominating the search market for more than a decade, does it also have the same position in the ad market?

BTW, on Google, what do you think of Eric Schmidt? Someone suggested after the anti-poaching fiasco that he should be fired: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3523513

Regarding epen allocation. What if only 2 engineers are needed and 100 are interested ?

To use an anecdote from just this morning, if you Google the terms, "google tasks android," you'll see that the inverse may also be true: Google engineers able and interested to work on something that is a no-op for mysterious reasons.

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