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(Everpix founder here) BTW if you love what you see, come join the team:

Our goal is to build the photo platform of the next 10 years, designed from the ground up for people's larger and larger photo collections, and today's photo taking patterns.

We have infrastructure scale (millions of full-res photos synced per day), cutting-edge photo science like nowhere else (3 level deep convolutional network type of semantic image analysis), and pixel-perfect design. We also have revenue and above average subscription rates.

We're looking for backend devs (Python + MySQL + Linux), sys ops (AWS) and Android devs. Sorry position descriptions are not posted yet, but if you're interested, ping us at info_at_everpix.com!

Are you looking for people to work remotely?

Also, I'd suggest adding (or switching to) a different model for pricing instead of mirroring Flickr's model. Something more oriented around charging for adding new photos so that if someone "lapses" on their subscription all their old stuff isn't suddenly inaccessible. For example, charging $100 a year for permanent image hosting for anything uploaded while under that subscription and then adding some sort of rate limit for adding new photos if the subscription lapses, or something like that.

Second, the site design is great but I think it could be improved significantly by making more bits actionable. For example, clicking on different parts of the pricing widget should take you to the appropriate page.

(Everpix founder here) We're still a small team and we much prefer on-site at this point. However we would be happy to relocate the right person - we are in SOMA in San Francisco.

Couple of things:

- REALLY needs an Android uploader

- I'm using Picasa on the desktop. The sync tool works if I direct it to my Picasa folder, but things like photo rotations aren't applied. My lens doesn't record orientation so I have to manually rotate some photos in Picasa - this info is lost in the uploader so some of my pictures in Everpix are sideways - this is a showstopper for me.

Solve those two things, and take my money!

(Everpix founder here) WRT Picasa orientation, that's certainly unexpected (first time we hear about this). Please use Contact Support from the uploader menu to file a support ticket so we can track this down. Thanks!

Great thanks - I think Picasa stores this as meta data rather than in the image file so it might be quite a lot of work.

BTW the onboarding user journey is first rate, as is the creative and design work - great job.

Its stored in ini files in each dir -- not that much work.

Update: Reference: http://superuser.com/questions/128120/are-there-any-good-sou...

I've been testing Everpix today. You guys have really nailed it: clean, nice interface, fast browsing, easy syncing, automatic organization. Everything just works. And your Photo Mail sharing is almost perfect for my needs.

Are you planning to allow mass export? I understood that you are using propriety image compression, thus mass export might be quite heavy operation, However, it's a kind of showstopper for me, if you are not going to allow it in the future.

(Everpix founder here) It's definitely on our roadmap, but like every feature we build, we're taking our time to make sure we do it right.

In the meantime, photos can be downloaded in full-res and with all metadata of course by "sets" from various places in the web UI.

Thanks! That's good to hear!

A comment about the website: For me at least, the huge, busy, out of focus video that can't be paused (Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows 7) was a major distraction - it took me quite a while to figure out where to look to find out what Everpix actually was. Something that might make the video more useful is subtitles saying what's happening.

Edit: I was at landing_video_highlights.html

They appear to be doing some A/B testing between the simpler landing page and the more comprehensive page. They'll probably appreciate your feedback, but base the decision on conversion rates. At least that's what I would do, but I don't know much.

Google drive or s3 support? I use google drive to keep GBs of photos on web bu off of my harddrive. I don't think any of your connected services (picasa / flickr) manage this as elegantly as Google Drive.

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