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moxie on Apr 7, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite

Christ, how happy I am living in Europe. Such horror stories make me ashamed of our Western world. Sometimes, we're no fuckin' bit better than the countries we accuse of behaving badly.

State-sponsored hacking, DPI wiretapping, censorship by private companies on "copyright" grounds, ignorance of human rights...

True. I have stopped travelling to USA coz of such horror stories! I feel so sorry for that person. May his Grandfather Resi In Peace.

This is utterly disgusting. Feel very sorry for the victim. The officer and her dept certainly needs to apologise for this.

Is there some kind of reason there is not a big uprise against this kind of practice in the US? It seems that airport officials and border guards have some kind of uber human power which everyone complains about but no-one does anything about? It's sad this happened but why didn't he take her name and complain, or just put her in the article? She'll surely lose her job? And get her house egged? These people shouldn't be something to be scared off; they are sad little people who happen to wear a uniform.

When going to the US I always go via Canada; I find the highway border homeland security (or whatever) far less of demeaning than flying anywhere in the US where I get handled like i'm nothing or worse, a suspected criminal.

So, is it really that bad or is it just the news? Stories like this would be frontpage news here and the person doing it would be fired automatically.

After trying to find follow-ups on this story I'm amazed at the fact that not a single news source I could find even bothered to do one.

There seems to have a been a release from TSA citing 'inconsistencies' in Gross' story. They claimed having launched an investigation the results of which don't appear to have been reported anywhere, including on their own website.

Someone purporting to be a flight attendant commented on one of these news sites that there is no way the TSA couldn't find camera footage of such a highly secured area in an airport like MCO. I'd be curious to know if that's accurate.

From some more thorough reports, the TSA seem to have reached Gross to apologize (despite attempting to discredit his claims).

What a fucking mess.

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