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But there is insufficient demand to warrant a change?


But it would be technologically too demanding?


But we don't think its a problem to wait 6+ seconds?

Actually, if you're not paying us for service, we think this is completely acceptable. The only deficiency is where users would like to pay us but still want to have only a single dyno.

But we will address this later as its not a priority?

Sort of, see below.

Its great that you are aware of the issue, but it would be better if you could shed some light on why or why not this is not addressed.

Focus comes at a premium. There are only so many product initiatives that can get complete focus at one time without sacrificing on quality. We have a lot of things in the works, but hopefully this one will get the attention it deserves soon.

Thanks for shedding some light onto your thought process about this. I can definitely understand it a bit better now.

I guess I feel differently when you say "if you're not paying us for the service", since I pay ~$50/mo in addons through Heroku, of which which I'm sure you must take a cut. So I am in fact paying you, just not in the form of dynos.

Perhaps this could be a loophole to the current system?

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