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here is my 2 cents. Im a coder, developer but I am ripped (sorry for the self love) I work out like crazy and actively surf / kitesurf, rockclimb. So my gym sessions have always had a purpose - to make myself stronger per the requirements of those sports. So my 2 cents - get of the whey protein. don't take it do not touch it. I have no scientific evidence but way too many people are on that and no long term studies. Only evidence is this: A good friend fellow athlete (sailor olympic level windsurfer) healthy as none other, got a heart attack at the age of 33. He looked into my eyes and said he never took anything (when i asked if he doped of any sort) and he only took whey. Made me get off it. Difference in phenomenal. You get "cut" lean, stronger muscles, just eat well. Not to mention your body gets conditioned to the "easy" absorption of nutrients that come from whey and gets lazy. There thats my 2 cents.

TLDR - get of whey protein, you'll get stronger live longer.

Nice job, no scientific evidence, but your "friend" had a heart attack. Just pure amazing post my friend.

Oh, so I don't fall into the same trap, here are scientific studies in favor of Whey protein:


TLDR - http://s3.roosterteeth.com/images/Ataxx50e4c5160c877.jpg

Sorry, but this study is a joke. If you think this is a study that validates your belief go ahead. But I will take any seasoned athlete's take on something than a half assed study funded by who knows who. These things take years to prove and large studies over long periods of time. IF you want to justify your own whey protein habits with this thats just you.

> my 2 cents

means my two cents, you take it as you will. Hearing negative stuff is always hard but its the truth. So go looking around the internet for studies that are pro whey, and believe them and justify your habits and don't worry about my friend.

What do you mean by "this" study? I linked to page that linked to tons of studies, all with ratings on how well they did each study.

I think you need to figure out how to internet man, oh and s/of/off/ it is driving me nuts how ridiculous "get of whey" sounds.

did you actually take a look at any of the studies? Not a single study where n > 100, in fact average is around 30. This is not youtube, its HN so please save the dudebro commentary and insult tone to your normal domain.

Whey and creatine are the two most studied supplements in history, and both of them have reams of studies that support their use. There is simply no question that they are a benefit. And no, whey will not give you a heart attack. Now, you don't need whey to get big, but it is a supplement for those that are unable to eat enough protein through other means.

You were starting to touch on a really important point, and what ultimately is good advice: don't workout to get big, train to reach a goal. Take up a sport, and then workout to get better at that sport. This will give you the motivation to keep pushing yourself and helps stave off the inevitable boredom that doing the same thing day after day will bring.

Even in healthy atheletes theres always the risk of heart attack of even sudden cardiac arrest which is the most common reason of death in young athletes.

Doing excessive amounts of sports stops being healthy at some point but overall its still alot better than todo nothing of course. There was a guy on HN a c ouple of weeks ago that had a sudden cardiac arrest in the gym while running on the treadmill and he is 22 years old. He just survived because he was incredibly lucky.

Those cases are extremely rare of course, just saying that working out is not without risks, especially in pro athletes. Its never a bad idea to go see a cardiologist if you work out alot.

I climb 5.13+ and take whey protein every day. I am 43 years old. So there's my anecdotal evidence that it's good for you.

Do train at an indoor gym or mostly outdoors?

I train on a fingerboard mostly, and climb outside quite a lot during the season (which around here is basically April-October). If you are a relatively experienced climber with good movement, then fingerboarding is the secret sauce.

Some other training ideas: your finger extensors are extremely important and making them stronger will improve your contact strength (somewhat paradoxically). There are many exercises to improve them.

Also, work your entire hand, not just contact strength. I strongly (haha) recommend Captains of Crush grippers. They don't directly translate to climbing, but they will make you stronger and balance everything out.

As for a specific fingerboarding plan: google "Eva Lopez".

This is one of the dumbest things I have ever read on HN.

Correlation does not imply causataion.

OP made that crystal clear.

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