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Hardly. Having a site that has buggy coding which has been tweaked to look good in IE's buggy rendering is a far cry from "our site uses cutting edge web-standard features that your browser does not support, please use a more up to date browser for a better experience". Night and day different.

No different. Were you not around when IE was the "cutting edge" and had all the newest features?

I do, quite well. Proprietary features are miles away from cutting edge web-standards. Being locked into only one browser that works correctly is very, very much different from being able to chose from among many modern browsers (in the typical case).

More so, as I said that particular problem was not nearly as bad as people targeting the rendering of their site to the particular quirks of one particular browser. That was horrible, but it's not even remotely the same problem we face today.

Ugh, I remember that time, having exactly those arguments. IE having all sorts of non-standard features, so other browsers should probably copy its quirks/bugs also.

To answer your sort-of question, that time was overshadowed when it became obvious that IE6 (and later IE7) was the absolute worst choice. And that's a reputation Microsoft is still trying to clean, years later.

I guess you don't remember Netscape.

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