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Again, I'm no expert on Heroku's architectre. Just thinking out loud here, and feel free to tell me to RTFA. :-)

> the number of loadbalancers per application is usually very small. I.e. the number is <1 for >99% of sites and you need quite a popular site to push it into the double digits (a single haproxy instance can sustain >5k connect/sec).

So most Heroku sites have only a single frontend loadbalancer doing their routing, and even these cases are getting random routed with suboptimal results?

Or is the latency issue mainly with respect to exactly those popular sites that end up using a distributed array of loadbalancers?

> Assigning pooled loadbalancers to apps while ensuring HA is not trivial, but it's also not rocket science.

To me the short history of "cloud-scale" (sorry) app proxy load balancing shows that very well-resourced and well-engineered systems often work great and scale great, that is until some weird failure mode unbalances the whole system and response time goes all hockey stick.

> Dyno-presence per application is very slowly-changing data by zookeeper standards.

OK, but instantaneous queue depth for each and every server? (within a given app)

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