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My biggest issue with heroku is the general slowness with the API - maybe I'm just impatient, but most simple commands like listing releases, viewing logs etc take at least a second, sometimes five before anything happens. Pushes also take quite a while, even the Git push part is much slower than pushing to github. It's just a general sluggishness which gets annoying after a while.

If they could get all the API requests down under 500ms I'd be much happier.

Yeah, the developer-facing control surfaces on the platform (API calls and git push mainly) have gotten slower over the past year or two. This is on my list of of personal pet peeves, but so far has not made it onto our list of priorities.

We try to drive priorities based on what customers want, not what we want: and what we've heard in the last year or so is all about app uptime, security, and now performance and visibility.

I'm very much hoping that bringing back "fast is a feature" on the developer-facing portions of the product is something we can work on this year.

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