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Safari is the only browser that has decent scrolling performance on a Retina MacBook. All the other browsers stutter really badly as soon as the page has any complexity with fixed elements (Facebook is a big one)

Yeah, that's certainly true. Pretty frustrating to have spent $2,500 or whatever it was on my retina MBP and I can't smoothly scroll websites with more than like 500 DOM nodes in Chrome.

That's a case where Apple has to optimize the heck out of Safari until it is workable on that particular new machine, otherwise it would get terrible reviews and hurt the overall brand.

Chrome doesn't have the same incentives to get that particular machine working well, especially since the next revision of the Retina Macbook probably won't even need special handling since it will surely have a more powerful GPU. They can just wait it out, similar to what happened with the iPad 3 vs iPad 4, where people had to optimize for the iPad 3 and then those optimizations were unneeded on the iPad 4.

> That's a case where Apple has to optimize the heck out of Safari until it is workable

Actually, they "merely" leverage their platform by using CoreAnimation, making it GPU accelerated (and enabling pinch-to-zoom), while Chrome scrolling hits the CPU really hard.

So true, this is actually one of the things that almost convinced me to switch to Safari. I'd miss the Developer Tools though..

But the developer tools are in Safari.

Not visible by default, hence may people miss them: Developer menu entry needs to be enabled in Preferences.

The latest dev and beta channel significantly outperforms Safari scrolling IMHO.

Interesting, just tried it out. The framerate is smooth, but there's some lag in starting to scroll that makes it feel like the page has inertia.

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