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The tab behavior in chrome is what does it for me too. In fact, you can have so many tabs that you can no longer open the last tabs (the tabs extend past the little full screen or switch user icon).

I also think Safari has a much better solution for handling bookmarking when you have multiple tabs. Solve these two issues and I'd switch to Chrome in a second.

I actually prefer Firefox's approach to multiple tabs: the tab bar scrolls (you can use the scroll wheel). That's about the only thing I like in Firefox anymore though… Been using Chrome because of its multi-user support (tied in with Google accounts) but Safari is soooo much better than Chrome in terms of UI and UX… Latest Chrome betas, with the full integration of the address bar as a full-blown "Google box" (e.g. you start typing, it loads Google Instant Search without the page's classic search box)…

I digress… :)

Check out the Chrome Web Store. There are several tab management extensions. One's a quick tab list with a search box.

FWIW activating "Stacked tabs" in Chrome://flags resolves this by switching to the tablet implementation which doesn't shrink the tabs.

I went and looked at the "Stacked Tabs" flag and it appears to be Windows only.

From Chrome://Flags-

Stacked Tabs Windows Tabs never shrink, instead they stack on top of each other when there is not enough space. Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform.

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