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I meant "smooth zoom" I guess? I can pinch in from anywhere on the page and center in on any particular item at any particular zoom level. Unless I've missed something, Chrome seems to have "integral" stepwise zooming, which also always zooms from the center of the page (vs where my mouse cursor is). It ends up feeling like Safari's old zoom which would just make the individual items bigger (as opposed to actually scaling the page), but I'm pretty sure Chrome is indeed scaling the page, just doing it in a way that I find frustrating and less useful.

Another example, I'm watching an embedded YouTube video which thus annoyingly doesn't allow fullscreen, so I double tap it, and it fills the browser window, and it seems to be smart enough to render at correct resolution at that scale (since it still allows you to choose a higher resolution even though it won't full screen).

To do similar feats with Chrome I have to manually jigger things around.

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