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Fair enough, and good analogy. As you said it's hard to make comparisons between physical goods and a metered software service.

The New Relic question is tricky. The free version of NR includes queue time, so that implies that the incremental value you're getting from the paid service does not include this. I'm also not sure how "this product you've gotten for free has a bug" fits into this equation. But overall, yes, NR is a product that is designed to give you visibility, and due to incorrect data being reported, some of that visibility wasn't there.

Therefore, we've given credits to people who have had substantial financial impact of the sort you describe. There aren't very many in this category and I believe we've already covered them all, but if you believe you're in this category please email me: adam at heroku dot com

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Adam. FWIW, I think you guys provide a very valuable service & I wish you the best as you work through these issues.

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