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Very clarifying, thanks.

Fire-fighting during the scaling phase is a problem that every fast-growing software-as-a-service business will probably have to face. I think Heroku makes it easier, perhaps way easier; but I hope our marketing materials etc have not implied a scaling panacea. Such a thing doesn't exist and is most likely impossible, in my view.

My company has been building apps for startups for years, and I can confirm that Heroku is consistently perceived as a "I never have to worry about scaling" solution.

Very useful observation. I'd love to figure out how we can better communicate that while we aim to make scaling fast and easy, "you never have to worry about scaling" is much too absolute.

Your marketing materials clearly use phrases like "forget about servers", "easily scale to millions of users", "scale effortlessly" and so forth. You're making it very easy to misunderstand you.

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