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Agreed, I wish we could have done it much sooner. It took a shocking amount of time to sort through all the entangled issues, emotion, and speculation to try to get to the heart of the matter, which ultimately was about web performance and visibility.

Also, we wanted to respond to our customers first and foremost, and general community discussion second. So we spent close to a month on skype/hangout/phone with hundreds of customers understanding how and at what magnitude this affected their apps.

That was hugely time-consuming, but it gave us the confidence to speak about this in a manner that would be focused on customer needs instead of purely answering community speculation and theoretical discussions.

Thanks for replying. As a paying Heroku customer (who's not affected by the routing issue), while seeing a blog post earlier would have been nice, it's great to hear that you spent so much time with affected customers.

Glad to hear you're not affected. But we always like talking to customers, feel free to drop me a line at adam at heroku dot com if you'd ever like to spend a few minutes chatting on skype or jabber.

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