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Microryza (YC W13) is making science awesome again, join us
on Apr 2, 2013 | hide
WHO: You


WHERE: San Francisco area


WHY: Because if we don't fix science, no one else will. We are deeply mission driven. We've had team members tell us that through Microryza, they've found their life's work.


We are a crowdfunding platform for scientists, and we want to share the research process to make the world a more interesting place. We are a small team of 5, and we've been featured in Techcrunch, The Economist, Scientific American, and more.



- full time engineering

- ownership of the product from architecture, testing, and release

- grow with us to help build the company you want to work for

- salary and generous equity



- you make Rails do whatever you want

- writing maintainable code makes you happy

- you care about building things just so you can stand back in wonder and say "I built that."

- have enough experience to know when to hack first, ask questions later

- want to write code that has an impact


ABOUT US: We were the kids who got in trouble in middle school chemistry because we lit things on fire and liked to mix the things we weren't supposed to mix.


BONUS: You were a scientist, you have a PhD, or your favorite TV show as a kid was The Magic School Bus or NOVA science specials

Send us email to jobs@microryza.com

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