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It seems very risky to base your core business on a language that's only been around for two years. Sometimes web development seems to be more volatile than the fashion industry.

With the state of javascript at the moment you would certainly be using library code that's less than two years old to build core parts of your app. The line between language and library can get pretty blurry, particularly when we're talking about a language that compiles to JS.

To be fair, there's a difference between a library and a language here. Replacing or taking on the maintenance for a library is a much more feasible option for many than jumping to a new language or taking on the maintenance for an entire language (as it's not just the compiler, it's also custom tooling, debugging, plus Dart really needs its own libraries, etc.)

I thought the same thing and wondered if they have a backup plan if/when Google suddenly decides to stop supporting it.

Quite true.

Every time I see such posts here, I think what is the business value of such changes.

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