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I got my Rift dev kit on Friday, and my weekend was expected occupied.

I"m not sure if I want Doom 4 in VR. Even in the very rough, early, low-resolution state of the Rift there is an uncanny realism to it - I can easily imagine people literally getting scared to death in horror games.

Games like Amnesia are scary enough on a flat screen in a lit room, there may be real issues with putting them in VR.

There's a thought. Gaming so realistic people stop playing them.

Did you try playing Team Fortress 2 with the Oculus Rift?

Yeah, it's pretty much the best possible demo of the Rift's abilities. The Tuscany demo in the SDK is IMO not great for showing the full promise of the technology - everything is static and the level geometry means you never really get close to anything for the depth perception to punch you in the face.

TF2 has all of that and more. My score has taken a punishment, but it's just so damn enjoyable.

I'm also that ass on your team that's walking around looking at stuff in amazement instead of shooting the enemy...

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