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SEEKING WORK - Remote or London, UK

I'm a data analyst and developer, experienced in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, jQuery, R, D3.js.

Available for full-stack web development, data analysis, server admin, online marketing/growth hacking and teaching.

I have a lot of experience in data analysis and visualisation. I've worked on processing and analysing large traffic datasets for air pollution modelling in London and built a number of web apps for data analysis.

Some things I've built:

Pretty Graph - https://app.prettygraph.com - web app for data visualisation

Gini - http://getgini.com - collaborative spreadsheet web app

I have very good communication skills. I wrote a programming cookbook, which has sold thousands of copies to date, and continues to be very popular - http://www.amazon.co.uk/R-Graph-Cookbook-Hrishi-Mittal/dp/18...

More details and links to my work at http://hrishimittal.com/about

Email me at hrishimittal@gmail.com

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