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Standups would make more sense if the team did not communicate during the day. The reason I think they are pointless is that when a blocking issue arises, you drop what you're doing and walk straight over to the person who can help you. I've never seen or heard of someone waiting until the following day's standup to bring up the issue (which is supposedly what the standup is for, right?).

Standups primarily are for making sure everyone knows what's going on.

If you're doing Scrum, the only issues you should really be bringing to standups are those you can't solve within the team that you need the Scrum Master to sort out. Anything the team can fix for itself isn't blocking, it's business as usual.

This is why I don't allow them on my teams. You have a block or issue and you're going to passively wait until the next morning or whenever the next meeting is? No. Deal with it when it comes up, don't lose half a day.

I should have read your comment before I posted mine, but I agree 100%

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