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Curated video lists worth geeking out about (hackertalks.io)
74 points by stdclass on Mar 30, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

If anyone's interested, I'm working on a startup called 5by (http://www.5by.com) which is all about curated video. We have a HN channel (http://www.5by.com/hacker-news). No mobile app yet though, sorry about that!

Your "Concierge" layout looks like the feature by the same name in Songza:


And playback/playlist at bottom of site looks like Grooveshark's.

Nice content though.

PS: A user of both Songza/Grooveshark apps but not affiliated either company.

Angular.js! That's nice. I may advice you to submit your site to http://builtwith.angularjs.org/

I submitted a pull request! Seems that there's a lot of pull requests in front of me :)

Hey stdclass, I have a quick and dirty fix for the mobile issue:

Change the z-index of "first-col" to -1. That way everything still appears as it is on desktops (since you're using fixed positioning), but the subscription field will gracefully hide to the back when you scroll right on mobile devices.

You might also want to add a background to the article block. Everything in the background (i.e. the subscription field) shows through otherwise.

hi, author here.

thanks for that. the mobile view is a mess. i will hotfix your suggestions now.

the site was more a sideproject to get back into coding. i under-estimated the positive response to be honest.

Is it intentional that these are recorded talks only or will this diversify as the content grows?

I am curating a daily video feed at http://manufacturingporn.com/ and am trying to make a point of limiting the number of narrated videos. Still not sure if this is a good idea or not, traffic numbers aren't big enough to allow for a statistically relevant conclusion.

"manufacturingporn.com" really sounds like you're dealing with another kind of material.

Agreed. I imagine some filters are going to block that domain.

Having a domain that includes "porn" was on my bucket list.

I am getting this

Heroku | No such app There is no app configured at that hostname. Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL.

Sorry, i accidentally posted the URL without www.

The right URL: http://www.hackertalks.io

Design tip: you might want to increase the color contrast. White text on a light grey background isn't very legible.

A useful tool to check color contrast is Paciello's Contrast Analyser [1]


As the public response is by far better than anticipated i will continue with this project.

If you have recommendations for topics or curators please let me know here or via twitter: @andreasklinger


ps: Please ignore the layout-quirks for now. I will fix that the next weeks.

Looks great. I'd definitely subscribe if there was an Atom or RSS feed.

Is it oversight or conscious decision that the layout requires a wide screen?

I'm getting horizontal scrolling at 1200px wide, which is something that is happening more and more.


started with a ui idea and didn't take the time to finish it properly.

not 100% happy with the outcome.

This site is completely unusable on an iPhone.

Same here on Android and essentially any mobile platforms. The fixed div "first-col" is covering everything else.

hi, author here.

yes sorry for the mobile view. the website was a project of mine to get back into coding.

i am not happy with the template to be honest. not my best ux/ui work.

but as you say especially the mobile view is broken. i will fix this within the next week.

I was waitting for something like this.

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