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DragonflyBSD 3.4 will support dports (dragonflybsd.org)
21 points by dallagi 1345 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Basically they're switching to "dports", more information about which can be found here:


Basically it's a switch from NetBSD's pkgsrc to FreeBSD's ports system, but with DragonFly customizations:

How is it that this comment is much clearer than that mailing list post?

It appears that the email is from the DragonFly kernel List. So my guess would be that if you had been keeping up with that list for any length of time, you'd have a lot more context and the post would seem understandable.

Not switching - adding to the install. Dports is already available in the 3.3 development images of DragonFly. Pkgsrc will still be available in the 3.4 release.

If dports works out well during this release cycle, we may switch to it for the next release - we'll find out by trying it, but this won't leave anyone having to jump packaging systems immediately. Unless, of course, they want to, cause dports is pretty slick.

I am the author of the linked post - it's not necessarily that clear because it's a conversation with the other developers that have been using these tools, not a release announcement.

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