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the new choose-tree commmand is superb, for anyone who regularly uses tmux and already understands how great it is, you should consider upgrading for this alone..

with several sessions running on most of my machines, i frequently found myself `detaching` and `reattaching` to a different session... as the `choose-session` command gives you a full list of all the windows, which tends to obfuscate exactly what's going on, particularly if you have a bunch of sessions and windows..

however, the `choose-tree` gives you a session tree, which you can expand and easily identify... meaning that instead of sending `^a d`, followed by tmux attach sessionname you can comfortably do a `^a s` and get where you want to be (presuming you've remapped ^b to ^a)

also, you should be using the tmux buffers, `^a =`!

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