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Very excited to get mine. It is funny though as I look at OUYA, Steambox, even GameCube of old and other console cubes appear and can't help that Jobs almost called it too early with the Mac Cube a bit before it's time and not targeting the right area of the house yet while GameCube did around the same time (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Mac_G4_Cube - probably based on NeXTCube).

Hopefully the game controller for Apple TV isn't really an April Fool's Joke as AppleTV is close to being the next big console possibly.

I think Roku is closer than AppleTV. It has "wiimote" that can be turned sideways as a gamepad or used as a motion capture remote. Not to mention they actually let people develop for the platform, they just need to offer something other than that terrible Basic clone, BrightScript.

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