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Does anyone know where to find a good introduction to tmux?

I attempted to start using it a couple of weekends ago but wasn't able to find any good documentation with my google-fu.

It costs $ but I really liked this pragprog book:


Really good introduction, and the included config file is a good start.

Glad you liked the book. I'm going to rolling out some minor changes in a couple days just to keep it updated with 1.8.

And the book is $7.20 on Amazon for the Kindle, FYI. I just bought it (versus $14something @ pragprog)

Author here. I know it's better for you to get the book cheaper, but PragProg gives authors 50% royalty on the sale of the book. If you buy it from pragprog, I get more in my pocket than if you buy from Amazon.

Either way, thanks for reading. I hope it's enjoyable. Some minor updates are coming to the book too.

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