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If you like tmux, also check out teamocil (https://github.com/remiprev/teamocil) to really enhance your use. It enables you to define tmux sessions via YAML, which is great for programmatically setting up a complex dev session. Mine, for example, fires up six panes in my preferred layout, and starts up a particular part of our project in each pane.

Teamocil author here, glad you like it! :)

Hacker News, man. Everybody's on here.

Sometimes it feels like the Marshall McLuhan scene in Annie Hall.


Ah, that looks excellent for more complicated setups. I've been using the slightly simpler tmuxinator.


I used to use tmuxinator, but it's pretty much abandoned. There are pull requests that are over a year old. On the other hand, I submitted a pull request to teamocil and it was merged the same day.

I'll actually help maintain tmuxinator now. :) The project is really awesome but the author doesn't have enough time for it, so he added me to the project a few days ago. I'll go through the pull requests soon.

That's good to hear. I always hate to see good projects die because their creators are super busy. Good luck with taking things over!

Upvote for the best named project I've ever seen.

There's no 'i' in Timocyl, at least not where you think!

Thanks. I really needed that in my head.

Sorry, I'm a bit thick and don't get it.

It's a reference to a TV show called Arrested Development.

If you don't like the YAML format of teamocil or tmuxinator and just want to write shell scripts to do the same thing, check out tmuxstart: https://github.com/treyhunner/tmuxstart

I made it shortly after switching to tmux last year. I hope this kind of functionality will eventually be built-in to tmux.

I only glanced it over, but I'm having a hard time seeing the advantage of this over shell scripts calling tmux commands.

I agree. It takes surprisingly few lines of code to make a nice wrapper with some shortcut aliases/functions to simplify the scripts. My whole tmux workflow is managed by about 30 lines of code to bootstrap by tmux session management: https://github.com/treyhunner/tmuxstart/blob/master/tmuxstar...

You could achieve the same thing with shell scripts, but one of teamocil’s advantages is that it gives you the simplicity of YAML to build complex layouts.

"simplicity of YAML"

Spoken like someone who's never actually looked into how complex YAML can be.

I don't see how someone could possibly write a tool like this without being aware of YAMLs potential complexity.

Well, I suppose it's possible, but it seems extremely unlikely.

These days it's very easy to use a simple api without knowing about the dragons lurking beneath the surface. Flip side of our "reusable components" holy grail.

It's definitely a well-done, and I'll be pointing new users of tmux at it. I would have been all over it if I would have seen it the first time I dove into tmux's man page way back when.

If I get a chance, I'll give a go at converting the scripts for some of the layouts I use all the time, and see if it sticks.

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