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Is it wrong of me that I wouldn't mind turning one into a Linux system and not run Android or play games? (After all this is Hacker News...)

well even before I backed it I realized a) I don't have time to play games and b) it's been years since I played any game so I'm not sure if I'll like it. So I just bought it with the idea of running a distro with SickBeard/SabNzbd/Xbmc. Just like I did with the Raspberry Pi, but that is just a tad too slow. So, no, I wouldn't say you're wrong. It's good to see people are still into this stuff.

An ODROID would probably be better for your purposes.


Considering features sets, an Odroid wouldn't be as cost effective.

you can get android on a stick for $24

Why would you do that? The days of yearning for a small hardware platform on which one can install Linux are over. You can fit Linux on a computer that would fit in your wallet.

Why not? That's the question to ask. :)

> Why would you do that?

There's a tradition of putting operating systems on anything. FreeBSD runs on cameras and game consoles and all sorts of devices that did not intend the user to install an OS.

So it's just a fun gimmicky project.

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