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With the new news that they communicate using electrical signals through their wings, could it be EM "noise" from cell towers and wifi?

The news was that they could detect stable electric fields, probably via electrostatic force on their hairs. That's very different from high frequency radio waves.


Bees are like condors or something, very susceptible to environmental influences. It's tremendously unfortunate (for the understatement of the century) that they are critical to a large part our food supply.

That's backwards. It's unfortunate that (apparently) our modern farming methods disrupt the natural order of things, in this case pollination.

One could say it's not a case of "fortune". It's like throwing a rock into a crowd and being surprised if someone gets hurt badly.

That is a point good enough to deserve an attempt to encapsulate it in a memorable saying. "Don't let your ecological web depend too much on indicator species" doesn't work. How about: "Don't depend on canary eggs when you live in a coal mine."

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