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Does anyone know which patent is being asserted here? I thought Uniloc only had one patent, and it was related to try-and-buy DRM. But the description in the article says "processing of floating point numbers by the Linux operating system was a patent violation" which doesn't seem to fit. Is there another Uniloc patent?

This is the patent at issue:

> Method and apparatus for handling overflow and underflow in processing floating-point numbers


Under "Related Art" says:

> In an effort to unify methods employed in computer systems for performing binary floating-point arithmetic, the IEEE in the early 1980's standardized computer floating-point numbers. > [...] > In reshaping the IEEE format, the present invention retains most of its benefits while offering the microprocessor designer and the real-time programmer a much cleaner and more efficient implementation.

For what I understand, is an extension of the IEEE standard.


But this is still perplexing: Surely, Linux just uses IEEE754 floating point, which predates this patent by 15 years?

You would be surprised by the sheer number of idiotic patents out in the wild.

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