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I think VMWare is going to be in some trouble in the next few years. A lot of opensource projects are picking up speed. One of my favorites, oVirt (http://www.ovirt.org) especially. Red Hat mainly runs the project, and is pretty much the open source version of RHEV.

I don't think they are in that much trouble. They are just making a boatload of money while they can get away with it. But they are working on multiple tiers: free, starter, and "OMG, Money"! That last one might not be around for much longer.

If you look at their other offerings some of it is reasonable (VMWare Fusion) and others are set at whatever the market will bear (VMWare Workstation, vsphere Enterprise).

Also the fact that VMware licenses cost about $2000 more for Australian users than US. Not sure about other countries.

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