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VMWare sales from what I have heard, has a history of over-selling, over-promising and ultimately getting people to spend a crap-ton of money on their products.

Honestly I have to say, it sounds a bit like you guys got taken for a ride. I'd suggest sitting back, relaxing and taking a look at what other VM options there are out there, some of which don't have license fees attached to them.

When I first deployed virtualization there were really only two 'enterprise' ready solutions out there which were essentially VMWare or XenServer. Knowing about VMWare and their 'history' I chose XenServer. I haven't regretted the choice but they wouldn't be a fit for everyone.

These days there are multiple numbers of solutions out there to choose from, which Openstack may or may not be one for you... and that aren't going to whisper into your ear about how great their product is and how much money it will save you.

I see people being WAY-oversold on the SAN more than the software.

I echo this observation.

By now, I'd actually be more surprised not to find a VMAX or Shark in an "Enterprise" datacenter.

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