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"And this reduces the protections international law has for his house and the civilians within ( his family)."

I don't know what protections you are talking about, but I doubt the pilots would be piloting anything from their homes. They only go there on leave, just like all other soldiers. As for hackers, if a state sponsored attack is launched from a civilian home, it is a violation of the rules of war. The hackers should be in a military installation when doing anything (they probably would anyway, just for security, easier cooperation etc.). There has always been soldiers who fight wars without going to the battlefield.

The scenario I am thinking about is, that bombing an apartment block full of civilians is quite clearly a war crime. On the other hand, bombing barracks is not. And since a drone pilot on leave is as far as I understand still a combatant, he can be attacked given that the harm to civilians is 'proportional.' [1]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_necessity

Also, it should be possible to give drones even more selective weapons:


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