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You can also use Vagrant+Devstack[1] to get started even quicker.


So, what, now you can virtualize while your virtualize? I thought the point of OpenStack was to be a way to manage VMs, isn't that also much of what Vagrant does?

I'd tend to avoid mixing the streams & go for a single node management system rather than attempt two at once- were it me. But I also am not invested in Vagrant, which people are free to enjoy, so if they can happily run both VM managers at once, so be it. Cool, I guess.

I would like some clarity on what exactly this hybrid achieves though- what is it's goal?

Testing new software in a VM is done primarily because (as stated above) you "avoid polluting your current system". When you are done or if anything goes wrong you can just trash the VM. This is standard practice in a variety of situations and has other benefits.

The only twist here is the software you are testing happens to be virtualization management software. Make sense?

One example of where this is very useful is for people not running Linux on their workstation. If I want to play with OpenStack or Docker or whatever, a VM is a nice playground for it, and Vagrant makes convenient VMs.

  >So, what, now you can virtualize while your virtualize?
Yo dawg... yes (in a way). You can have issues with the environment as is the case with most new things, but this way there's nothing you need to keep should you decide to start fresh or decide to do something differently. It simplifies things a whole lot.

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