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"VMware’s RabbitMQ, an open source middleware-type application deployment project, ..."

Perhaps it's mean to poke fun at reporters, but this is pretty brazen.

Not quite sure what you're getting at here.

More than being wrong, the description is almost entirely without content. "Open source": true. "middleware-type": true, but doesn't mean much. "application deployment": not right, but also pretty vague itself.

The text straight from the results page tells an interested party that it's an "enterprise messaging system", which should be good enough for any blog on forbes.com. I really have no idea where they got the gobbledygook that they used.

Unless you're a developer, you'd probably think "enterprise messaging" has something to do with IM or email.

Something like "middleware that connects applications" would perhaps be clearer.

RabbitMQ is a messaging queue, Erlang based, not sure if it is owned by VMWare. I get the idea that either it is not owned by them, or the description is wrong enough

Oddly quite a few build systems are now turning to MQ's for build systems - beats make and jenkins it seems

rabbitmq.com says "Copyright (C) 2013 VMware, Inc" and http://www.rabbitmq.com/mpl.html says "The Original Code is RabbitMQ. The Initial Developer of the Original Code is VMware, Ltd."

So yeah, it's owned by VMware.

> quite a few build systems are now turning to MQ's for build systems

References? I'm curious as to who's doing this and why. I'm trying to think of a reason and not coming up with much.

We have started using a MQ to send messages between different Jenkins instances. For example to have long running test executions on a dedicated jenkins-instance so the main build-jenkins can be restarted without affecting the tests.

Curious how you've set this up. What role does the MQ play? Does it ship results to the mother ship or a console? Or are you sending notices of changes to the test machine? etc. TIA

We have custom plugin to send message to the MQ. Other Jenkins-instances running the same plugin will receive the message and can act on them according to the configuration.

Currently we mostly use this to send internal release notifications around, e.g. "foobar-1.0.0 released, find it here <path to RPM>". Kind of neat with a n * 1000 developer organization spread over the entire world.

Currently the plugin is not open source but hopefully it will be later on.

Very cool. Thanks for the explanation!

pybit, my organisations very own rbit.

THink replacing Jenkins not make

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